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Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific

Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific

1.18.005 by Intense flight sim action‪!‬
(0 Reviews) March 31, 2024
Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific

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March 31, 2024
Intense flight sim action‪!‬
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More About Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific

War is stirring in the Pacific and command of the air is your path to victory! Take the controls and master iconic aircraft in this amazing WW2 flight combat game.

This application is a mobile air combat game that offers compelling gameplay and awesome technology. Players can master over a dozen classic aircraft, from trainers to high-performance fighters, and equip them with hundreds of upgrades such as rockets, bombs, guns, torpedoes, engines, and armor. With 160 challenging objectives in 40 missions, players can also enjoy unlimited Scramble missions and free-flight. As they rank up, they can unlock greater bonuses and over 50 achievements waiting to be unlocked. The game also promises to release new aircraft, missions, and regions monthly.

The game boasts stunning graphics, making it the best visuals yet in a mobile air combat game. Trailers and screenshots showcase actual gameplay, and the game offers a perfect blend of realistic physics and simple controls. Even with tons of detail, the game maintains great frame rates and features realistic environments such as clouds, haze, mist, and time-of-day effects. It also performs well on older devices.

Air Combat Pilot strikes a perfect balance between fun and realism. It is not a complex "hard-core sim" but is more than a "tap and swipe" arcade shooter. The game blends realistic physics with simple controls to provide an authentic "feeling of flight" while still allowing players to easily engage in combat and make precision ground strikes. With just a few training flights, players can land on carriers and complete objectives.

The game features classic aircraft and devastating weapons. Players can fly over a dozen of the most iconic American aircraft from WW2, starting with the tame but maneuverable T-6 Texan and earning the right to pilot the mighty F4F Hellcat and F4U Corsair. They can also conduct amphibious ops in the PBY Catalina and send enemies to the bottom of the sea in the TBF-1 Avenger. More planes will be added in the future.

Players can collect hundreds of upgrades to maximize their speed and destructive power. These upgrades include engines, armor, guns, rockets, bombs, and torpedoes, each with multiple upgrade levels. With multiple ways to complete objectives, players can discover which planes and weapons work best for their playstyle. As they keep playing, they can unlock new types of weapons and aircraft to carry them.

The game also offers Scramble missions for endless combat action. Players can explore beautiful vistas while destroying everything in sight and earn upgrades for their next career mission. Air Combat Pilot is free to play, supported by ads and in-app purchases of premium planes and upgrades. There are no time limits, and players are encouraged to make in-game purchases to support the developers. The game was hand-crafted in Chicago, Illinois, by a small indie studio that plans on releasing new content monthly and welcomes support, comments, and suggestions from players.

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