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Countryball: Europe 1890

Countryball: Europe 1890

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(0 Reviews) March 31, 2024
Countryball: Europe 1890 Countryball: Europe 1890 Countryball: Europe 1890 Countryball: Europe 1890 Countryball: Europe 1890 Countryball: Europe 1890

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March 31, 2024
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More About Countryball: Europe 1890

Conquer Europe with Countryballs!

Countryball: Europe 1890 is a strategy game that takes place in the 19th and 20th centuries. In this game, you control countryballs and train them to fight, equip them with weapons, and join battles with them. The game features a mix of turn-based combat, cards, and stats, making it exciting and fun to play.

To start the game, you can choose between a campaign or conquest mode and select your character. Your goal is to conquer territories and master diplomacy to complete your objectives. You have the freedom to declare war, send ally requests, puppet weakened countries, and even annex your puppet states. It's important to choose strong allies to help you in battles against multiple enemies. You can also call your allies and puppets to join you in battles.

In order to defeat your enemies, you need to be a strong country. You can achieve this by playing mini-games or manually increasing your stats (attack, defense, health, and mana) using star points. These points can be earned by winning battles. You can also purchase powerful cards from the shop, which have different combat effects. These cards can be used by dragging and dropping them onto the countryball during combat. It's worth noting that all weapons in the game are considered as cards.

Your main task in Countryball: Europe 1890 is to complete objectives by defeating your enemies. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new countryballs to add to your collection. There are over 50 countryballs available to play, but some of them are hidden in capital cities or can be acquired by completing campaigns or conquests.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a review or send an email to the developer. The game also features music from Alexander Nakarada and Kevin Macleod, adding to the immersive experience of exploring history with countryballs. So why wait? It's time to dive into the world of Countryball: Europe 1890 and conquer the past!

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