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Dialpad by Dialpad, Inc
(0 Reviews) April 03, 2024
Dialpad Dialpad Dialpad Dialpad Dialpad Dialpad

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April 03, 2024
Dialpad, Inc
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Dialpad gives teams a single place to stay connected with a business communication platform that supports every kind of conversation. Whether sales or support, 1:1 or group meeting, Dialpad offers a solution that makes it easier to make smart calls both in and outside your business.

The application, Features that Matter, offers a single platform for all your business communications. This means that you can access your calls, contacts, and messages all in one place, making it convenient and efficient for you to manage your business communications. Whether you are in the office or on the go, you can have all your business communications right in the palm of your hand.

One of the key features of this application is the ability to switch between devices. This means that you can take calls on the go and seamlessly switch between your laptop, deskphone, and Android device with just one tap. This feature allows for flexibility and convenience, as you can choose the device that is most convenient for you at any given time.

Another useful feature of this application is the automatic note-taking feature. With Voice Intelligence™, calls are automatically transcribed and presented to you once the call ends. This eliminates the need for you to take notes during the call and ensures that you have an accurate record of what was said. This feature is especially helpful for those who often find themselves second-guessing what was discussed during a call.

In addition to the basic contact information, the application also offers rich contact profiles. This means that you can access shared emails, upcoming events, and details from your CRM directly from the contact's profile. This feature allows for a more comprehensive understanding of your contacts and their interactions with your business.

Lastly, the application allows for coaching from anywhere. This means that you can monitor and coach calls from a single interface, even when you are not at your desk. This feature is particularly useful for managers or team leaders who need to oversee and provide feedback on calls, but may not always be physically present in the office. With the listen-in feature, you can easily coach your team members from anywhere, making it a valuable tool for remote or on-the-go managers.

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