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Dragonheir Lite

Dragonheir Lite

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(0 Reviews) March 31, 2024
Dragonheir Lite Dragonheir Lite Dragonheir Lite Dragonheir Lite Dragonheir Lite

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March 31, 2024
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More About Dragonheir Lite

Dive into an Epic Magic Showdown!

Dragonheir Lite is an exciting new open-world fantasy role-playing game that will be available online on February 23. The game features legendary mage Elminster and his lifelong adversary, the necromancer Sammaster, as they embark on a brand-new adventure filled with a new storyline, characters, gameplay, artifacts, dice appearances, and dungeons. This game is perfect for those who love strategic battles and making important decisions that can determine victory or failure.

In Dragonheir Lite, players will experience a multi-dimensional adventure where all actions are determined by rolling dice. The game offers a rich strategic experience with over 200 heroes, 6 elemental factions, and diverse battlefield environments. Players can challenge powerful bosses by constructing unique decks, strategically placing heroes, and timing skill releases. With endless possibilities for hero combinations, players can unleash their imagination and create exclusive combinations to defeat even the most formidable opponents.

But the game is not just about battles. Players will also embark on a journey to reclaim lost memories and powers by recruiting allies and unraveling the secrets of the continent of Adenthia. They can join forces with friends or companions in cooperative PvE mode to face even stronger foes and co-write a glorious chapter in the game.

Dragonheir Lite also offers a massive amount of content and unknowns to explore. With over 600,000 words of original storyline text and 25 hours of solo content, players can immerse themselves in a magical world full of intrigue, bloodshed, and mystery. The game features over 280 scenes across the continent of Adenthia, equivalent in size to the entire European continent, where players can solve puzzles, complete NPC tasks, and make skill checks that will impact the direction of the storyline.

The game will also have seasonal updates that will expand the universe, introduce new plot stories, exploration locations, powerful bosses, and renowned characters. This will also allow players to refresh their hero combinations and camp construction. So join Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Legends in Dragonheir Lite and experience an immersive and exciting role-playing game.

For more information and updates, visit the official website, Discord, YouTube, and Facebook pages of Dragonheir Lite. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with Elminster and Sammaster on February 23!

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