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Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game

Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game

2024.3.2 by Classic Crawler: Boss & Quest
(0 Reviews) April 04, 2024
Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game

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April 04, 2024
Classic Crawler: Boss & Quest
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More About Dungeon Ward: Offline RPG game

Action RPG mixed with grid-based Dungeon CrawlerDungeon Ward belongs to a genre of a single player roguelike rpg offline games for free but it is mixed with old-school grid-based dungeon crawler (gridder) innovated by a modern 3rd person perspective. It's diablo like features are real-time combat, looting, RPG character building, questing and boss fights.

The application "Character Building" combines the best elements of action RPG offline games with traditional dungeon crawler settings. This includes leveling up characters, collecting items, managing stats, navigating skill trees, exploring cities with shops, completing quests, and facing challenging bosses. It also incorporates some elements from roguelike and roguelite games, particularly when played on hardcore mode.

One of the unique features of this game is the ability to play as different classes, such as a powerful Warden, a shapeshifting Ranger, or an elemental Mage. Players can invest talent points to learn new skills, including spell reflection, lightning arrow, and werewolf transformation. They can also choose to focus on passive talents or increase their stats to create a character build that suits their playstyle.

The dungeons in this game are procedurally generated from hand-made parts, ensuring a unique experience each time. These dungeons feature deadly traps, teleports, and story quests, making them challenging and exciting to explore. Fans of roguelike, roguelite, and Diablo-like games will particularly enjoy this aspect, especially when playing on hardcore mode.

One of the great things about this RPG offline game is that it can be played completely offline, without the need for an internet connection. Additionally, the game does not force players to spend money, as everything can be purchased with in-game currencies that can be obtained through gameplay.

The game features grid-based controls and a 3rd person camera, similar to old-school dungeon crawler games from the 90s. This means players can move and turn in 90-degree angles on a grid. The game offers both button and joystick controls for players to choose from.

Dungeon Ward is actively developed by a solo developer from the Czech Republic. It is currently available in multiple languages, including English, Czech, Slovak, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, and French. The developer plans to add more languages in the future with the help of the RPG roguelike offline games community. And the best part? No wifi is needed to play this game.

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