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European War 4 : Napoleon

European War 4 : Napoleon

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(0 Reviews) March 31, 2024
European War 4 : Napoleon European War 4 : Napoleon European War 4 : Napoleon European War 4 : Napoleon European War 4 : Napoleon European War 4 : Napoleon

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March 31, 2024
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Your Excellency, Commander! Welcome to the 18th century, the Age of Napoleon. It’s an entirely

The new gaming mode offers players the opportunity to experience a whole new level of strategy and gameplay. With the addition of general skills and a new item system, players can now enhance their troops and gain an advantage in battles. The game boasts a roster of over 200 famous generals to choose from, including well-known figures such as Napoleon, Murat, and Washington.

Players can watch their chosen general rise through the ranks, from a common soldier to a marshal, or even an Emperor. Each general has their own unique abilities and strengths, making them valuable assets in battles. As players master their troops and their generals, they can become invincible on the battlefield.

The map system has been completely redesigned, allowing for seamless zooming and clear displays of territory and borders for each nation. In addition to using strategic tactics to defeat enemies, players can also visit shops to purchase items, hire generals in taverns, and exchange supplies in markets.

The game offers a variety of modes for players to choose from, including 6 war zones and 84 campaigns in the "Campaign" mode. Players can also conquer different scenarios in the "Conquest" mode, with options such as "Europe 1798" and "America 1775". As players progress, they can earn titles such as European Emperor, American Emperor, and Asian Emperor, as well as obtain princesses from different countries.

The game also features a national tech tree system, 58 treasures to discover, 46 general skills to master, and over 130 types of units to command. With an entirely new general role-play system and military academy system, players can fully immerse themselves in the game and its historical setting. And with the game's automatic saving feature, players can pick up where they left off without worrying about losing their progress.

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