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European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon

European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon

1.3.4 by EasyTech
(0 Reviews) March 31, 2024
European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon

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March 31, 2024
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After the end of the American War of Independence, the French Revolution

The year was 1789 and Europe was on the brink of change. The world was about to witness the rise of military geniuses such as Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher, Kutuzov, Washington, and Davout. As a skilled commander, it is your time to shine and make your mark in history by creating winning strategies, mobilizing troops, and achieving immortal victories.

The game, titled "CAMPAIGN," offers players the opportunity to relive more than 90 famous battles in 10 chapters, including the "Declaration of Independence," "Dominion of Canada," "French Eagle," and more. Players can also choose their own generals and promote their ranks and titles, as well as train special units like the old guards, highlanders, and death's head hussars.

In the "CONQUEST" mode, players can build military facilities, develop cities, and upgrade national technology to increase income and improve their army's skills. They can also study various military tactics at the military academy and take advantage of historical events and wonders to gain an edge in battle. The diplomatic system allows players to form alliances or declare war on any country at any time.

In the "CHALLENGE" mode, players must use their commanding skills to win battles under specific conditions. They can also unlock and recruit famous generals and use their unique abilities to complete missions around the world.

The game features 160 redrawn portraits of generals, 90 historical battles in 45 countries, and over 200 units from different countries. With 39 technologies and more than 120 items, players can customize their army and buildings to their liking. The conquest mode also supports ranking on Google Play Games, allowing players to compete with others for the top spot.

Easytech, the developer of the game, offers cloud archives for players to easily switch devices without losing their progress. The game also boasts improved graphics thanks to a new engine. Players can stay updated on Easytech games by following their official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or by subscribing to their official website and email.

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