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Flight 737 - Maximum LITE

Flight 737 - Maximum LITE

1.7 by Most Realistic 737 Simulator
(0 Reviews) April 01, 2024
Flight 737 - Maximum LITE Flight 737 - Maximum LITE Flight 737 - Maximum LITE Flight 737 - Maximum LITE Flight 737 - Maximum LITE Flight 737 - Maximum LITE

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April 01, 2024
Most Realistic 737 Simulator
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Most Realistic 737 Simulator

Flight 737 - MAXIMUM is a highly realistic flight simulation game that focuses specifically on the B737 aircraft. It offers a variety of features and controls that make it the most realistic B737 simulation available. The game includes a total of 50 countries and 50 separate airports, but this feature is only available on the paid version of the game.

One of the key features of Flight 737 - MAXIMUM is the autopilot feature, which allows players to control the aircraft with detailed controls. The game also includes a co-pilot who provides necessary warnings and interventions during the flight. Players can also change the flight plan and access a specific checklist for each flight. The game also includes features such as FMC, fuel data, ICAO, leg vectors, and flight numbers.

In addition to the detailed controls and features, Flight 737 - MAXIMUM also offers a realistic experience through its cockpit lighting settings, radio frequency and usage, and communication with tower, ground services, and flight crew. Players can also engage in fuel filling, de-icing, and pushback operations, as well as transport passengers and cargo. The game also takes into account factors such as cabin pressure and IRS specifications.

Flight 737 - MAXIMUM also offers a realistic navigation system, in-flight audio and visual alerts, and flight physics. Players can experience the entire flight process, from preparation and taxi to takeoff, cruise, and landing. They also have the ability to set the flight time and choose the weather conditions during the flight, including snow, wind, rain, or fine weather.

The game also offers the option to land at any airport of the player's choice, and includes realistic explosion and accident scenarios. Additionally, players can experience active air traffic and must complete post-landing procedures and correctly park the plane. For added customization, players can design their own airplane painting and use it in the game. For more information and assistance, players can visit the game's website and watch flight-related videos on their YouTube channel.

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