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1.2022 by Pixel Roguelike RPG
(0 Reviews) April 01, 2024
Guidus Guidus Guidus Guidus Guidus Guidus

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April 01, 2024
Pixel Roguelike RPG
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The great adventure to reclaim the royal palace begins in Guidus, a Pixel roguelike game. The monsters of the abyss, sealed beneath the royal palace, have awakened. Although the twin prince and princess fought bravely alongside the last warriors of the royal palace, they were ultimately defeated and exiled to the dungeon. You are the last warrior to awaken in the depth of the dungeon. Embark on an adventure with your companions to reclaim the royal palace and rescue the true heir to the realm.

The application is a mobile action role-playing game with a roguelike gameplay style. It features a variety of unique heroes, including a swordsman, archer, wizard, sylph, and monk, who have been sealed within a bonfire. Players can collect these heroes, each with their own appearance and playing style, and embark on an adventure. The game continuously adds new heroes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Each hero in the game has distinct skills and superpowers, such as Shockwave, Thunder Hammer, and Nova. These powerful abilities can be used to defeat enemies and escape the dungeon. As players progress through the game, they can unlock and upgrade these skills to become even stronger.

The game also features a variety of bosses and monsters, each with their own unique patterns and abilities. Players must prepare for tough battles as they make their way through the dungeon. Along the way, they can also discover hidden treasures and overcome dangerous traps. Some traps can even be used to the player's advantage.

The gameplay is a mix of action and role-playing elements, with a focus on growth factors. As players progress through the game, their skills and heroes will also grow, making them stronger and more capable of facing challenges. This encourages players to keep playing and challenging themselves.

The game's pixel graphics, created with dots, are both adorable and sophisticated. Players can immerse themselves in the game's world, filled with various characters, monsters, regions, and bosses. The game also offers various ways to stay connected, such as through email, Instagram, the website, and Discord, allowing players to stay updated and engaged with the community.

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