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Keepass2Android Password Safe

Keepass2Android Password Safe

1.10-pre by Philipp Crocoll (Croco Apps)
(0 Reviews) March 31, 2024
Keepass2Android Password Safe Keepass2Android Password Safe Keepass2Android Password Safe Keepass2Android Password Safe Keepass2Android Password Safe Keepass2Android Password Safe

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March 31, 2024
Philipp Crocoll (Croco Apps)
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More About Keepass2Android Password Safe

Keepass2Android is an open source password manager application for Android. It is compatible with the popular KeePass 2.x Password Safe for Windows and aims at simple synchronization between devices.

This app is designed to securely store all of your passwords in one place. It is compatible with various versions of KeePass, a popular password management software. With QuickUnlock, you can easily access your database by typing a few characters or using your fingerprint, instead of entering your full password every time. You can also synchronize your vault using cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, or your own server. If you don't need this feature, you can use "Keepass2Android Offline".

The app also offers an AutoFill service and integrated soft-keyboard, making it easy and safe to use your passwords on websites and apps. It has many advanced features, such as support for different encryption methods, TOTP variants, and the ability to unlock with a Yubikey. You can also create child databases to share passwords with others.

One of the best things about this app is that it is free and open-source, meaning anyone can access and contribute to its development. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for new features, you can report them on the app's GitHub page. The documentation for the app is also available on GitHub, including a privacy policy that explains the required permissions for the app.

In summary, this app is a secure and convenient way to store and access all of your passwords. It offers a variety of features and is constantly being improved through community contributions. With its compatibility with different versions of KeePass and various synchronization options, it is a versatile and reliable choice for password management.

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