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Maginary. Adventure text book.

Maginary. Adventure text book.

1.16 by A literally engaging story
(0 Reviews) April 04, 2024
Maginary. Adventure text book. Maginary. Adventure text book. Maginary. Adventure text book. Maginary. Adventure text book.

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April 04, 2024
A literally engaging story
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Groundbreaking immersive game book featured by Apple. The unique experience with exciting plot and magical effects where you are the main character in a mysterious world.

Maginary is a unique fiction novel that allows you to become one of the main characters. Through the use of an iPhone, it connects the real world with the world of your imagination. The story follows Michael Sterry, the previous reader of the book, who wakes up in a strange and distant land called Anzo. Armed only with a medallion that broadcasts everything into your imagination, you must use your brains, hands, and legs to help Michael survive in Anzo and find his way back to the real world.

This immersive experience offers over 70 beautiful animations with typography that will transport you into a magical world, similar to the magic diary in Harry Potter. The audio and video special effects are adjusted to your reading speed, creating a personalized experience. The original plot includes interesting twists and unusual characters, accompanied by an original soundtrack. You will also encounter marvelous puzzles and interactions with your iPhone, making you an active participant in the story as the main character.

The creators of Maginary wanted to make this experience accessible to as many people as possible. That's why the first two chapters are available for free, with the option to purchase the full game through in-app purchases. This game is perfect for those who believe that the coolest graphics and augmented reality can be found within their own minds.

To fully immerse yourself in the experience, it is recommended to use an iPhone and headphones. If you have any questions, the creators can be contacted via email at [email protected]. Get ready to get lost in your imagination with Maginary.

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