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Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

66.2.0 by Ace Viral
(0 Reviews) April 01, 2024
Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mutant Fighting Cup 2

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April 01, 2024
Ace Viral
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More About Mutant Fighting Cup 2

The beasts are back in Mutant Fighting Cup 2! BIGGER! BETTER! MORE FEARSOME THAN EVER! Evolve, mutate and train your monsters to win the monster championship in hard brutal turn-based strategy battles!

FIGHT! In this exciting application, you will have the opportunity to take on monstrous opponents and powerful bosses from all around the world. With intense combat and challenging battles, you will need to use all of your skills and strategies to emerge victorious.

TRAIN! But you won't be alone in this fight. You can choose your loyal companion from a variety of dog and cat animals and command them in battle. Train them to become stronger and more skilled, and they will be your faithful partner in every fight.

EVOLVE! As you progress through the game, you will have the chance to use mutant genes to change your animal's breed and unlock awesome new abilities. With over 1 million creature combinations, the possibilities are endless and the excitement never stops.

METAMORPHOSIS! Mix and match genes to create the ultimate fighting machine. With so many combinations to choose from, you can create a unique and powerful creature that will dominate in every battle.

STRATEGY! But it's not just about brute strength. In this game, you will need to use your skills and power ups wisely in extreme RPG tournaments. Plan your moves carefully and outsmart your opponents to come out on top.

PVP! Want to test your skills against other players? Challenge your friends to player-vs-player multiplayer action and see who comes out as the ultimate champion.

WIN! And of course, what's a game without rewards? Win trophies, achievements, and compete with players on the leaderboards to show off your skills and prove that you are the best in the Mutant Fighting Cup.

So what are you waiting for? Evolve your monster, train your animal, and get ready to fight in the Mutant Fighting Cup. Follow us on social media for updates and join the community of players who are already hooked on this thrilling game. Are you ready to become the ultimate champion?

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