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My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

2023.2.0 by Budge Studios
(0 Reviews) April 03, 2024
My Little Pony Rainbow Runners My Little Pony Rainbow Runners My Little Pony Rainbow Runners My Little Pony Rainbow Runners My Little Pony Rainbow Runners My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

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April 03, 2024
Budge Studios
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More About My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony Rainbow Runners! A powerful color-stealing spell has been unleashed on Ponyville and it’s up to your favorite ponies to break it with the power of Friendship! Run, jump, awaken your ponies’ Rainbow Powers and use their epic abilities to bring the colors back to the world!

A Color Filled Adventure is an exciting mobile game where players can explore different missions in the colorful world of Ponyville. The goal is to close color-stealing portals by running, jumping, flying, and sliding through obstacles and challenges. Players can also transform their ponies into their epic Rainbow Power form and collect Pony Power to upgrade their abilities. Each pony has their own unique Rainbow Power and super form, making the game even more thrilling and diverse.

The game features six ponies, each with their own special abilities. Princess Twilight Sparkle can use her Magic Blast to clear obstacles, Pinkie Pie can jump higher with her Mega Bounce, Rainbow Dash can dash and smash through obstacles with her Rainboom, Rarity can attract Pony Power with her Magnetic Personality, Applejack can turn obstacles into apple sauce with her Apple Strike, and Fluttershy can gracefully glide over anything with her Super Flight.

Budge Studios, the creator of the game, takes children's privacy seriously and ensures that the app is compliant with privacy laws. The app has received the “ESRB Privacy Certified Kids’ Privacy Seal” and more information can be found in their privacy policy. The app may contain in-app purchases and contextual advertising, but does not allow behavioral advertising or retargeting. It also has social media links that are only accessible behind a parental gate.

Before downloading the app, users should be aware that it is free to try but some content may only be available through in-app purchases. These purchases cost real money and can be disabled or adjusted in device settings. The app is also subject to an End-User License Agreement. Budge Studios, founded in 2010, aims to entertain and educate children through innovative and fun apps. They maintain high standards of safety and age-appropriateness and have become a global leader in children's apps for smartphones and tablets.

Players can visit the Budge Studios website, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and watch app trailers on YouTube. They also have 24/7 customer support for any questions, suggestions, or comments. My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. Budge and Budge Studios are trademarks of Budge Studios Inc. © 2017 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

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