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My Planet Simulation

My Planet Simulation

3.0.0 by Brandon Stecklein
(0 Reviews) April 03, 2024
My Planet Simulation My Planet Simulation My Planet Simulation My Planet Simulation

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April 03, 2024
Brandon Stecklein
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More About My Planet Simulation

My Planet is a virtual simulation game where you take control of a planet and try to grow a healthy and thriving population! It is like a virtual pet or Tamagotchi game on a planetary level. Play God by manipulating the sunlight and the rain in order to grow as large a population as possible.

My Planet is a real-time game that requires constant attention to ensure the optimal growth of your planet. The goal of the game is to grow your population to over 1,000,000 people, but this task requires mastery and dedication. The fate of your planet and its inhabitants is in your hands - will you be able to achieve success or will your planet suffer under the harsh conditions of the sun?

The main objective of My Planet is to maintain a happy and thriving population. This is achieved by keeping a healthy level of vegetation on your planet, which is represented by the green bar. The more vegetation you have, the faster your population will grow. However, if your vegetation levels drop too low, your people will starve and your population will decline.

Vegetation growth is dependent on the amount of sunlight and water your planet receives. To ensure optimal growth, you must keep your Sun and Water levels at 50% capacity, as indicated by the meters. Too much sunlight will dry up vegetation and lead to death, while too little sunlight will result in starvation. The same concept applies to water - too much will cause flooding and death, while too little will result in drought. It is important to check your planet daily to maintain the perfect balance of sun and water.

The developer of My Planet is always open to suggestions and ideas on how to improve the game. As such, the game will continue to be updated and improved based on user feedback. This app is for the players, so any suggestions for future updates are greatly appreciated. Let's work together to make My Planet the best it can be!

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