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Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction

2.0.1 by Epic monster capture adventure
(0 Reviews) April 01, 2024
Nexomon: Extinction Nexomon: Extinction Nexomon: Extinction Nexomon: Extinction Nexomon: Extinction Nexomon: Extinction

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April 01, 2024
Epic monster capture adventure
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More About Nexomon: Extinction

The critically acclaimed game Nexomon: Extinction is finally available on iOS!

Nexomon: Extinction is a mobile game that brings back the nostalgia of classic monster-catching games. It features a new and exciting storyline, quirky characters, and over 380 unique Nexomon to collect and train. The game is set in a world on the brink of extinction, where powerful Tyrant Nexomon are battling for control over humans and other monsters. As a member of the Tamer's Guild, it is your mission to restore balance and save the world from destruction.

The game begins with you leaving the orphanage where you grew up and embarking on your journey as a tamer. You must choose your first Nexomon and start training it to become a powerful ally. The world is filled with 381 Nexomon from nine different elemental types, each with their own unique evolutions and abilities waiting to be discovered and tamed.

As you explore the world, you will encounter Tyrant Nexomon and other challenges that will test your skills as a tamer. The Tamer's Guild is struggling to keep up with the increasing threat, and it is up to you to turn the tide of the battle. Engage in beautifully animated turn-based battles against other tamers and powerful foes to prove your strength and become the ultimate tamer.

The game takes you through diverse regions, from scorching deserts to freezing tundra, each with its own challenges and effects on your Nexomon. You must navigate these environments and manage their effects to ensure your Nexomon's well-being.

Immerse yourself in the world of Nexomon as you uncover secrets, complete side-quests, and interact with eccentric characters. The game also features dynamic difficulty, meaning that as you progress and become stronger, the world around you will also become more challenging. Even defeated trainers will come back stronger, ready to battle again.

Nexomon: Extinction was a top-selling console game and is now available on iOS devices. So, whether you are a long-time fan of monster-catching games or new to the genre, get ready to embark on an epic journey and become the greatest tamer of all time!

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