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Sandbox 3D

Sandbox 3D

0.3.2 by Multiplayer physical sandbox
(0 Reviews) April 03, 2024
Sandbox 3D Sandbox 3D Sandbox 3D Sandbox 3D Sandbox 3D

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April 03, 2024
Multiplayer physical sandbox
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More About Sandbox 3D

Sandbox 3D is an open-world physical sandbox where you can manipulate various objects and experiment with physics with your friends.

This application is a multiplayer game that offers a free world for players to explore. It includes over 5 different locations, 10+ characters, and 10+ vehicles for players to use. Additionally, there are over 150 items that can be collected and stored in the player's inventory. One of the main features of this game is the building system, which allows players to create their own objects within the game.

In public mode, all players have the ability to create and delete objects, not just their own but also those of other players. However, the creator of the server has the option to block access to this feature, preventing players from creating or deleting objects on the server. This can be useful for maintaining order and preventing players from causing disruptions in the game.

On the other hand, in private mode, players can still create objects but only the owner of the object has the ability to delete it. When a player exits the server, all objects they have created will be deleted. This ensures that the game world remains clean and organized, as objects created by players who are no longer active will not clutter the game for others.

The server owner does not have the ability to block access to creating and deleting objects in private mode, nor can they delete objects themselves. This allows for a fair and equal playing field for all players, as the server owner does not have any special privileges or advantages over other players.

In summary, this application offers a multiplayer gaming experience with a free world, various locations, characters, vehicles, and items. It also includes a building system and two different modes for managing object creation and deletion. Whether in public or private mode, players have the freedom to create and explore while maintaining a fair and organized game environment.

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