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Shipping Manager - 2024

Shipping Manager - 2024

1.3.26 by Manage your shipping company
(0 Reviews) March 31, 2024
Shipping Manager - 2024 Shipping Manager - 2024 Shipping Manager - 2024 Shipping Manager - 2024 Shipping Manager - 2024 Shipping Manager - 2024

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March 31, 2024
Manage your shipping company
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Shipping makes the world go round. In Shipping Manager you can be the next big shipping tycoon and make sure your empire brings cargo and wares from the amazon to the chinese seas to the emirates on time.Play with or against friends and other real life shipping enthusiasts to control the seas and top the leaderboards.

Create and manage your own shipping empire in this multiplayer naval simulation game. You have the opportunity to become a successful container transport tycoon, competing with real-life companies like Maersk, Evergreen, and MSC. With the ability to create, schedule, and navigate routes from major ports around the world, including Shanghai, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Singapore, Dubai, Hamburg, and New York, you can truly experience the excitement and challenges of the shipping industry.

Choose between two game modes: EASY or REALISM. In the easy mode, you can focus on lowering prices and increasing profits, while the realism mode presents a greater challenge, requiring you to consider factors such as fuel prices and canal usage tax.

Shipping Manager offers in-depth tactical features, including the ability to purchase a variety of real ship types and sail to over 400 ports and docks worldwide. You can also face challenges such as stopping pirates from hijacking your ships, managing your staff, playing the stock market, and investing in other shipping companies. Additionally, you can manage your company's marketing, build or join alliances, and much more.

With the focus on sea transportation as the most optimal way to transport goods, you can build and customize your own ships, purchase used vessels, and track your routes live. You can also improve your ships to sail faster and carry more cargo, making strategic decisions to become the CEO of a successful cargo empire.

This game is 100% ad-free and requires an online internet connection to play. Please refer to the Trophy Games Privacy Statement for information on data protection. With Shipping Manager, you can utilize your complicated strategy and become the new boss of the maritime world.

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