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Soccer Business 2

Soccer Business 2

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(0 Reviews) April 02, 2024
Soccer Business 2 Soccer Business 2 Soccer Business 2 Soccer Business 2 Soccer Business 2 Soccer Business 2

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April 02, 2024
Soccer agent game
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Become the greatest soccer agent!

This application, called Soccer Business, allows you to start your career as a soccer agent with little money and no reputation. However, with your flair and business acumen, you have the potential to rise to the top of the international soccer world. The game is back with a brand new edition, featuring 118 competitions in 38 countries on 5 continents, players' personalities, and agencies in 38 countries. You also have access to all the league tables and results from around the world, as well as a ceremony for the world's best player trophy. The game has a detailed financial situation, game center achievements and online leaderboards, and a new interface for a better gaming experience. The performance and fluidity of the game have also been improved.

In this game, you will manage your clients' careers by negotiating their contracts, transfers, and advertising deals. You will also need to follow their statements in the media and make the right decisions for their careers. It is important to analyze your clients' sporting performances and their impact on their value and reputation. To help you with this, you can recruit the best scouts who will find young talent on the verge of breaking into the international scene. As you earn money, you can invest it in offices around the world to expand your business and build your reputation. Your ultimate goal is to win the biggest trophies in world soccer.

The game offers a complete simulation with championships from 38 countries on 5 continents, 68 divisions, 1160 clubs, and 50 nations. You can follow national, continental, and world competitions to see your clients evolve and compete for the most prestigious trophies. Each client is an adventure, as you will be responsible for advising them on their career choices and extra-sport activities. You will also help them optimize their image and attract the biggest clubs. Your clients' success can lead to trophies with their club, national team call-ups, and even a chance to win the World Nations Cup.

In Soccer Business 2, managing the media is crucial to your success. Your clients may say things in the media that could have consequences for your reputation. It is important to keep your clients satisfied to avoid any negative impact on your business. As an agent, you will need to make the right decisions for your clients, considering various factors such as contract offers, playing time, and club reputation. Your goal is to secure big contracts with high salaries and transfer bonuses, but it is also important to consider your clients' progress and development. Some clients may listen to your advice, while others may be more stubborn and refuse to join a less reputable club or league.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of becoming a successful soccer agent in Soccer Business 2? With the opportunity to manage clients, make important decisions, and build your reputation, this game offers a unique and exciting experience for soccer fans. So, get ready to start your journey to the top of the international soccer world!

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