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Starborne: Frontiers

Starborne: Frontiers

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(0 Reviews) April 03, 2024
Starborne: Frontiers Starborne: Frontiers Starborne: Frontiers Starborne: Frontiers Starborne: Frontiers Starborne: Frontiers

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April 03, 2024
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🚀 Become the ultimate fleet commander: Epic galaxy battles await! ⭐

Take to the stars in an epic space adventure set in the distant future. Discover the dark secrets of the 10 warring factions, from the immortal Children of the Everliving to the lawless Marauders; they all have one goal: to dominate the galaxy. As a commander, you will face threats from all across the galaxy. Is your fleet ready for the challenge? Find out in this stellar tactical gacha game, where you'll test your strategy skills in exhilarating starship battles.

Battle your way through multiple game modes: Play through an extensive campaign and explore the Starborne: Frontiers universe. Battle tough Bosses for Bounties and get legendary weapons and armor for your ships. But that isn’t all that awaits you…

Collect skill upgrades from mysterious anomaly bosses, and enhance your captain's unique abilities. Additionally, take on commanders across the universe in the PvP arena or join them in alliance play to defeat the impenetrable Vault boss. Can you and your space fleet break past their defenses? Conquer the boss to collect amazing rewards, which provide powerful resources to upgrade your ships.

Ready to dial up the challenge and explore new Frontiers? Unlock the Abyss, a mysterious dimension filled with secrets. The Abyss is a goldmine filled with the rarest resources from across the galaxy, and factions and pirates are all looking to profit. But these aren't the only enemies that await you, be prepared to take down the Harvesters. If the rumors are true, the Abyss, now a mysterious expanse, was once secured by an unyielding blockade. During this era, it's believed that the Harvesters shaped the Abyss into its current form. They not only extracted its abundant resources but also captured elite commanders, transforming them into mindless Gatekeepers who now guard each depth of the Abyss.

Prepare for the journey ahead by collecting legendary space captains with unique abilities to take your fleet to the next level. It is your job as commander to build an elite fleet that dominates the battlefield. Will you succeed in your mission?

Embark on a journey across the galaxy where danger lurks in every corner. It’s time to fulfill your destiny as a space commander, chart new frontiers, and lead your fleet to glory. Join the battle today and carve your name among the stars!

Need guidance or assistance? Explore our Help Center at: https://starbornefrontiers.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Visit our website: starborne.com/frontiers

Connect with fellow commanders on Discord and join our growing community: discord.gg/playfrontiers

Terms of Service https://frontiers.starborne.com/terms_and_conditions/terms_of_service

Privacy Policy: https://frontiers.starborne.com/terms_and_conditions/privacy_policy

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