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Super Boxing Championship!

Super Boxing Championship!

2.0.2 by 2D Physics Boxing Simulation
(0 Reviews) April 03, 2024
Super Boxing Championship! Super Boxing Championship! Super Boxing Championship! Super Boxing Championship! Super Boxing Championship! Super Boxing Championship!

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April 03, 2024
2D Physics Boxing Simulation
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More About Super Boxing Championship!

Super Boxing Championship! 2.0 is here with a system overhaul that aims to improve the entire user experience!

Super Boxing Championship is an exciting mobile application that allows players to engage in intense boxing matches using a full body physics interaction system. The game features a realistic simulation of weight and collision, making the fights feel more authentic and challenging. Players can embark on a journey to become the next Super Boxing Champion in Career mode, where they can train and upgrade their boxer's skills to become the best in the ring.

In addition to Career mode, players can also enjoy various single player quickplay modes such as Exhibition, Tournament, Gauntlet, Endless, or Custom Mode. These modes offer different challenges and opponents, including an infinite number of random opponents with varying shapes, sizes, styles, and skill levels. As players progress through the game, they can earn cash to customize their boxer with a wide range of fun cosmetic items, including hairstyles, beards, tattoos, and more.

One unique feature of Super Boxing Championship is the ability to create and customize your own gym. Players can purchase furniture, decor, music, and colors to make their gym their own. They can also earn memorabilia during their career to display in their gym, representing their journey to becoming a boxing champion.

The game also offers players the opportunity to compete in various tournaments and gauntlets to build up a hall-of-fame worthy record. Players can also customize their matches with crazy rules, such as pillow fighting or bare knuckle boxing. After a match, players can share their best KO highlights with friends and on social media using a shareable link.

Super Boxing Championship also allows players to invite their friends to spar in their customized gym and play against each other in local multiplayer mode using a Bluetooth controller. Players can also sign up for a Super Boxing Championship account to save their data to the cloud and play across multiple devices.

The game features 11 physics-based moves that players can utilize in their simulated boxing matches, including left and right hooks, uppercuts, jabs, and more. Each move has its own unique animation and can be used strategically to defeat opponents. With its realistic physics and customizable gameplay, Super Boxing Championship offers an immersive and exciting boxing experience for players of all skill levels.

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