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Tank Company

Tank Company

1.3.8 by Exptional Global
(0 Reviews) March 31, 2024
Tank Company Tank Company Tank Company Tank Company Tank Company Tank Company

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March 31, 2024
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More About Tank Company

Tank Company is a MMO tank battle game that allows you to experience 15v15 tank battles on your mobile device. You can change vehicles among five tank types, including self-propelled guns, and change your strategy according to the different maps to win!

The Tank Company game offers an intense and immersive experience with battles on a large scale. Up to 30 tanks can engage in combat on a huge battlefield, where the tide of battle can shift dynamically as the balance of power changes. As a player, you play a crucial role in your team's success by choosing your route of attack.

The game boasts a vast library of over a hundred tanks from World War II and the Cold War, all recreated with high production standards. This includes famous tanks from history, lesser-known test vehicles, and original creations. The game continues to expand with the addition of more countries and tanks, giving players a wide range of options to choose from.

The battlefields in Tank Company are diverse and based on famous locations from history. These huge 1km x 1km maps include settings such as scorching deserts, ice-covered towns, and war-torn tank factories. Players must learn to use the terrain to their advantage in order to succeed in battle.

As players accumulate experience through battles, they also grow in multiple facets within the game. Starting with basic Tier I tanks, players can research and unlock high-performance Tier VIII tanks. They can also upgrade their tanks with better parts, modules, and equipment to enhance their combat power. Personalization options such as camouflage, decals, and 3D modifications allow players to showcase their own unique style.

In Tank Company, players can team up with friends in a Tank platoon and work together to defeat the enemy. The game also offers ways to find allies through Clans, ensuring that players never have to fight alone. The game is constantly improving and adjusting to provide the best performance on mobile devices, with stunning graphics and detailed maps that create an authentic battlefield atmosphere.

Tank Company is a constantly evolving game that aims to provide players with a virtual world where they can experience the history and atmosphere of war through tank battles. Each match is full of surprises due to the variety of tanks, maps, and teammates' battle styles. Players can contact the game developers through their website, http://tankcompany.game/, for any inquiries or feedback.

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