Run Miner Run

Run Miner Run

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Run Miner Run


Miner Run is a game that revolves around a miner who is trying to escape a zombie chasing him. The game’s graphics is inspired from Minecraft game. Throughout the chase, you will be facing obstacles which you can dodge using the keyboard arrows to make your miner move right or left, jump or roll. Normally the games are hard to follow up the storylines or got many controls, however in Miner Run game its more easier and fun. Dodging the obstacles is easy since you only need your keyboard arrows. Run over wooden platforms, get through spinning obstacles by rolling under them, avoid wooden poles bursting out of the ground and running mammoths, and jump over different moving and still obstacles. Collect gold and keep your eye on the power-ups that appear during the run, so keep your fingers ready and your concentrate your attention not to hit anything or let the zombie catch you! Collect more coins to unlock and dress your miner cool outfits!

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